"Have a Happy New Year and then, when it's over, have a good many days all year long."

"This jubilant new year is marking a new beginning for lighter and exciting journeys, and I hope you have the most beautiful ride of all time! Happy New Year for you and your family Happy New Year 2019!

"May is full of smiles, love, happiness and prosperity. This is my wish for you. Happy New Year!"

"My gift of unconditional love, I give you sincerity, blessing and loyalty. I wish you a wonderful year, my dear.

"Maybe we're not perfect, but we are a family and I really do not want anyone to meet the new year."

"Best wishes to my beloved friend for a wonderful year in front of you. Although we are miles away, you are still in my thoughts and prayers."

"New year is not about changing the date but the direction, it is not a matter of changing the calendar, it's a commitment, it's not about changing actions, but about attitudes." "May your day be restored with great happiness and love."

"This year, you give the opportunity to keep track of your dreams, love the future without the future and unconditionally laugh. Happy New Year!"

"Glorify this exciting, colorful, great and magical new year with a great smile. I want you a year full of happiness and prosperity."

"Before I'm completely helpless, I laugh, stumble to get home and I'm out-of-court, let me wish you a happy new year."

"May you be the true happiness, longevity and happiness in this New Year and always. Happy New Year!"

"We wish you and your family endless happiness and prosperity for the following blessings. Happy New Year!"

"Let this new year offer you many opportunities in your own way, explore all the joy of life and turn all your dreams into reality and all your efforts into great achievements. Happy New Year 2019!

"Live a year of love, laughter, glory, and hope. I wish you a happy New Year 2019!"


"I hope you have a fun party! Happy new year coming! Happy New Year 2019!

"Let all the new years be with joy and happiness for you and your family. Happy New Year!"

"Call false, swing to the right. Happy New Year to Everyone!

"Make the act of faith and start this wonderful New Year believing. Believe in yourself."

"New Heart For New Year, Always!"

"I hope to smile the next year's thresholds, whispering:" It will be happier "..."

"New Year ... a new clean start! It looks like it has a big sheet of white paper, a day full of possibilities! It's a magic world, Hobbes, a friend ... let's explore!"

"It would be tough if it was not difficult, everyone could do that." "It's hard to do what makes it great." Happy New Year! "

"New year is another opportunity to become stronger, better eaten, healthier and the best version."

"A healthy exterior starts from the inside. Happy New Year 2019!

"Take care of your body, this is the only place you have to live in. Happy New Year!"

"Change does not come in nickel and coins, this comes in devotion and sweat." Happy New Year! "

"I wish you good health, happiness and happiness throughout the year. Happy New Year for Everyone!

"It's a new year. A new beginning and things will change.

"If you want your life to change ... your choices must change and today is the best day of your life to start. Happy New Year!"

"Think well and practice every day eat healthy, work hard, stay strong, build your faith, worry, read more Be happy, I want you a good and successful year 2019!"

"It is no luck ... it is God's favor. From the fullness of his grace, we all received a blessing for others. Happy New Year!"

"I feel like a new beginning comes to me and running with my arms open. HNY 2019 everyone!

"One of the main reasons why we lose our enthusiasm in our lives is to become ungrateful, let's just let go of what was once a miracle became common to us, so used to his goodness to become a routine ..."


"At the end of the year, do not go back to the disappointments of the previous day, expect God's promises Happy New Year 2019!

"It's the beginning of everything you want. Happy New Year!"

"2019 I'm ready. With the old, with the new"

"New Year * Renewed Hope * New Opportunities * New Adventures * New Ways of Love and Love, This Year is Your Best Year!"

"I look forward to what I have and greet the new year with open hands."

"May the Lord bless you and keep you, the Lord blushes with you and is pleased with you, the Lord raises your face and gives you peace, I wish you a good and successful year 2019!"

"Every good and perfect gift comes from above (God)".

"Resolving one: I will live for God. Resolution # 2: If no one else does, I will always do it.

"Prayer for God's glittering shining in his new year 2019 ... and his blessings sprout."

"New Year, New Beginning and the Way of Moving! I Wanna Have a Happy New Year 2019!"

"Today we meet to thank you for the time being, and you are the first."

"Your joyful Christmas may depend on what others are doing for you, but your happy new year depends on what you do for others."

"Decide to please at least one person every day, and for ten years you may be happy about three thousand six hundred and fifty people or have you lighted a small town its contribution to the general pleasure."

"Happy Christmas to all of you! Happy New Year in the World!

"And I like you to be the last person I want to talk to before you go to bed at night. And that's not because I was alone or because it was New Year's. I came here tonight because when you realize you want to spend the rest of your life with someone , you want the rest of your life to begin as soon as possible.

"In that new year, a right hand is always tense in friendship, it never misses."

"New year, where it's easy to forget knowledge. Unless, of course, these tests are positive."


"What New Year brings you will depend much on what you bring New Year."

"Reduce Earth's Expectations. It's not heaven, so do not expect it to be."

"Peace comes inside. Do not look for him without him.

"The only way to go to New Year is to keep quiet with your friends or brothels. Otherwise, when the evening ends and the people are two, someone will surely cry."

"From the new year, the odds are bright, a good mood has come back lost in the state of failure, and I decided to stop complaining.

"New year resolution is something that goes in one year and on the other."

"I'm a little older, a bit wiser, a bit more agile, but I'm still not the most mature."

"Many people are looking forward to the New Year for the fresh start of old habits".

"New Year is the birthday of every man".

"You think big and do not listen to people who tell you it's impossible, life is too short to think a bit. Happy New Year 2019!

"No matter where you come from, it's important to know where you are going." Happy New Year to everybody!

"Every time you remove a calendar, create a new place for new ideas and progress. Happy New Year Everyone!

New Year New Beginning New chapter in life is waiting to be written New questions to ask, adopt and love Responses to discover and live in this year's transformation Today, take a break in which you dream, with a pen in your hand, just dreams bring about change.

"And now we welcome a new year, many things that have never been."

"Young is when you have the permission to stay late in New Year's Eve. The middle ages are when you have to." "

"Deciding is a ritual of purification of self-assessment and repentance that requires personal sincerity and ultimately increases humility. Breaking is part of the cycle.

"New Year's Resolutions: Better tolerate fools, provided they do not encourage them to last longer."

"In America, there are more people overweight than average people." The overweight people are now average, meaning that you have respected its new resolution. "

"Every new day is a blank page in the diary." The secret of success lies in transforming this paper into the best possible story. "I wish you a happy new year and a diary filled with the best stories ever written in your life."

"New year is developing - like a flower with curved petals that hide beauty from the inside."

"The old age is gone, let the past bury their dead, the new year has taken over an hour, everyone welcomes homework and opportunities for the next twelve months!

"Happy New Year Grant I Can not Cry When this new year is over, let me know that I played a friend, lived, loved and worked here and made a good year."

"Of all the sounds of all the bells ... the most violent and touching bell that invites the old year."

"The purpose of the new year is not to have a new year, we need to have a new soul and a new nose, new legs, new spine, new ears and new eyes, unless no man has brought a new resolution, he will not make a decision. , will certainly not do anything effective. "

"Yesterday, they all smoked their last cigar, took the last drink, and took the last oath. Today we are a pious and exuberant community. In thirty days we will throw our wind reform and significantly reduce our old deficiencies.

"New Year is an unstable yearly institution that is useless except it serves as a sacrificial lamb for promiscuous drunkards, friendly calls, and stupid resolutions."

"Every year is considered a year of newborns.This is the most suitable time for fun,"

"We spent January 1, going through our lives piece by piece to compile a list of tasks to be done, repair cracks. Maybe this year, to balance the list, we should pass the rooms of our lives ... do not look for the disadvantages but the potential . "

"We will open the book, its pages are empty, we will put the words on their own. The book is called Opportunity and its first chapter is a day of the year."

"Good behavior during the holiday season must be drunk. This drunkenness culminates in New Year's Eve, when you're so drunk to embrace the person you're married to."

"This glorious new year is my day." She lives every day with the rage. She grows daily and tries to be my best and best! "

"Let all your problems last as long as you bring new years!"

"I mean in terms of the resolution of the day, not the year."

"The one who breaks the resolution is weak: Whoever makes one is foolish."

"End of the year is not a beginning but a continuous fact, with all the wisdom that this experience can bring."

"Never say your resolution in advance, otherwise it's twice as expensive."

"The bad news is that the weather is flying. The good news is you are a pilot."

"Write to your heart that every day is the best day of the year. Happy New Year!"

"One of the resolutions I've taken and I try to keep this all the time is to get up on small things."

"It's hard to live in the present, laughable to live in the future and impossible to live in the past. Nothing is a minute ago."

"Find out from yesterday, live today, hope for tomorrow Happy New Year 2019!

Many years ago I decided I would never be bothered with the New Year's resolutions and since then I keep it. "

"Always handle your dives, in peace with your neighbors, and find a better man every new year."

"The purpose of the new year is not to have a new year. We need to have a new soul."

"Released last year in the silent limbo of the past. Let him go, because he was defective and thank God for being able to leave.

"The day of the year ... this is the time to make your regular annual resolutions. Next week, start with them as usual."

"Optimist remains awake until midnight to participate in the New Year. The Pessimist remains vigilant to ensure that he is leaving the old age."

"Good resolutions simply check that people are shooting at a bank where they have no account."

"I did not make any resolutions for the new year. The habit of designing, criticizing, sanctioning and modeling life is too much for me every day."

"A lot of things are thrown into this game of life. It's the way you deal with them that shows your real character. I want everyone to feel the hope, love and passion I feel for the next year and the rest of my life. just to realize your dreams, but to spend the holy time! Love and warmth ♥ "


"I would say a happy new year but not happy, that's exactly the same as last year, except colder.

"May New Year bring you the courage to break your decisions earlier! My own plan is to break all the virtues so I triumph even when I fall down!"

"Let the light of you always surround, I hope I will bounce you, Let your wounds turn to healing, Your heart kisses the feeling, Let wounds become wisdom, All kindness is prism, May laughter laugh you, Your passion revives you May good to inspire your deepest desires. By all that you can achieve, let your hands never get tired.

"Live another year and another opportunity to do it right".

"Tomorrow is the first empty page of 365 pages of the book.

"Whatever you fear to do, do it, make your mistakes next year and forever.

"Last year's words belong to the language of last year, and next year the words are waiting for another vote."

"I hope to smile the next year's thresholds, whispering:" It will be happier "..."

"My goal for 2019 is to achieve 2018 goals, which I should do in 2015 because I promised them in 2013 and planned for 2012"



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Happy New Year Wishes 2019. “You are a unique one in my life. “This bright new year is given me. “May the spirit of the season of, “Years come n go, “A New Year has tiptoed in. “Just as a new bloom spreads fragrance and freshness around… “You are a unique one in my life. “This bright new year is given me.
Happy New Year 2019
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